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Building relationships between human reasoning and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence requires natural reason, easily lost in the hype and excitement of this new world. Whether to increase customer engagement, predict failure, or reveal untapped potential, solutions arise from the symbiotic relationship between human learning and machine learning, and building frameworks that support it. At Deasil Cognitive, we build these frameworks: developed, customized and configured to precisely fit humans and the machines in their relationship to data and its consequences.

Machine Learning

We work to define a problem well before its solution. Many available services offer access to Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence solutions, abstracting and encapsulating years of academic theory and industry application. AI & Deep Learning are accessible to anyone, commodified into pennies-per-bulk of transactions.


Anyone with little experience can advertise the tools of AI and Deep Learning. Deasil Cognitive provides over twenty years of experience collecting, moving, buffering, queueing and processing your data, building frameworks around the implementation of bleeding-edge technology. Other people's frameworks are built from our technology.

Artificial Intelligence services are only part of the process of building, training and deploying coherent models into production systems. When bringing an AI and Deep Learning solution to your problem, ensure that experience is represented in all aspects of the technology stack.

Any individual can operate the machine; it requires additional knowledge to manage the system. We determine ways data can be used to configure and trigger machines, prove authenticity, or produce any type of output intended to get your business closer to its goals.

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  • Project - Nine Inch Nails - Secondary

    Rethinking Music Distribution

    We worked with one of the world’s most digitally savvy bands in Nine Inch Nails. To deepen the connection with their ravenous fans, and forge an unbreakable bond, we created and developed several experiences for them.

    [ take a look ]

    Nine Inch Nails - SoundtracksNine Inch Nails - the SlipNine Inch Nails - Ghosts


    We worked with Trent and Nine Inch Nails to reinvent music distribution.
  • Project - Nine Inch Nails - Secondary
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