Deasil Works vs. Diesel Fuel.

Although we power many things, Deasil Works is an agency, not a truck. And, while we appreciate the serious stache and sideburns Burt had working overtime, we do not roll on down the highway all Smokey and the Bandit style. Furthermore, if you came looking for skinny jeans, something agency land has plenty of, we don’t have any for sale, sorry. We’re rather fond of the ones we have.

We are also not a fuel.*

The only thing we pump up is your brand or next project. Besides, to ignite diesel fuel, know that it burns at a higher temperature unless you have a really good source of ignition, like, some wood or other combustibles.**

So what’s with the spelling of Deasil anyway? Why does Google ask if you meant diesel fuel or jeans when clearly, you meant the most amazing digital agency ever? Well, this is your lucky day. It’s a search thing, and that’s why we have this page to help explain. The dictionary definition defines the word deasil as: 

“clockwise or in a direction following the apparent course of the sun: considered as lucky or auspicious.”

In other words, the right direction for things. Which is what we are all about: The right solution for your brand, company or cause. What happens when you pour diesel fuel on your brand? Bad things. What happens when you add us? Only good.

Hit us up today and see what we can do for you.

*But if we WERE a fuel, we’d be biodiesel, because we’re efficient like that.

**We tried, believe us. Fire department came out and apparently doesn’t appreciate the value of “experiments with open flame for use on social media as being ‘something of value’ for the viewer.” Lesson there: Fire is bad, so we try to avoid it around here whenever possible.

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