We like to play games. We also like to make them.
  • We like to play games. We also like to make them.

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The Team-Building Team-Building Game.

Sure, we like games. We play a lot of them. But we like examining the engineering aspect behind them just as much. Learning the rules is fun, but understanding the theory and themes underlying the game, how it’s balanced, and reducing its play structure to core concepts, illustrates how much commonality exists between gameplay and the creative process.

This translates to our approach for making things for people who need them. Not only do we want to identify what’s needed and desired to address a given problem, but establish a sound rationale behind it before we build anything.

So who are these people in Huddle? Oh, you know: Coworkers. Friends. Also, the dog. Whether you work in an agency, startup, or band, chances are you know them or someone like them.

In making Huddle, we also wanted to explore the concept of making matches and forming teams, representing ourselves and what the modern agency has become, with a humorous nod to the individualism and creative nature of those people who populate our relationships.

(If you have Huddle and lost the instructions, download them here. If you don’t have Huddle and want to know how to get it, just drop us a line.)

Want to talk about what we can build for you? Contact us.

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