• We worked with Trent and Nine Inch Nails to reinvent music distribution.

    • Online Community
    • Syndication and Aggregation
    • Digital Delivery
    • Mobile

Project - NIN - Site

Project - NIN - The Slip

Project - NIN - Access

Project - NIN - Trent

Project - NIN - Ghosts

Four Websites. One App. An Amazing Fan Experience.

Remix.nin.com. Fans are granted access to over 25,000 full-resolution audio tracks for remixing, uploading and voting. A unique algorithm displays content in a Flash interface.

Tour.nin.com. Users track the band while on tour using Google Earth Media. A simple way for fans to upload tour images they capture by integrating with their YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Forum.nin.com. One of the most popular sections of this community-moderated experience, fans fully engage with each other.

Access.nin.com. A GPS-based feature, Nearby, allows fans to see other fans in their vicinity.

To coincide with the album release, we used Google Maps to create a real-time visualization of user download activity around the world. The site was so popular that website traffic peaked in excess of 4GB during downloads of the album.*

*That’s a lot of traffic. Trust us.

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Client Work. Lab Work. Nothing but the good stuff:

  • Project - Staats - Secondary

    How to Sell a $35 Million Dollar Home in Malibu.

    We helped bring director Graham Henman's short "The Spider and the Fly" to life in the form of an iPad application. Ten iPads, each preloaded with the app and film, were given out to discerning clientele.

    [ take a look ]

    Project - Staats - Case Study 1Project - Staats - Case Study 2Project - Staats - Case Study 3


    Selling a $30M home in Malibu Takes A Little Hollywood Magic.
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  • Project - Jakes - Secondary
  • Project - OWN - Secondary
  • Project - Web Therapy - Secondary