• We worked with Trent and Nine Inch Nails to reinvent music distribution.

    • Online Community
    • Syndication and Aggregation
    • Digital Delivery
    • Mobile

Project - NIN - Site

Project - NIN - The Slip

Project - NIN - Access

Project - NIN - Trent

Project - NIN - Ghosts

Four Websites. One App. An Amazing Fan Experience.

Remix.nin.com. Fans are granted access to over 25,000 full-resolution audio tracks for remixing, uploading and voting. A unique algorithm displays content in a Flash interface.

Tour.nin.com. Users track the band while on tour using Google Earth Media. A simple way for fans to upload tour images they capture by integrating with their YouTube and Flickr accounts.

Forum.nin.com. One of the most popular sections of this community-moderated experience, fans fully engage with each other.

Access.nin.com. A GPS-based feature, Nearby, allows fans to see other fans in their vicinity.

To coincide with the album release, we used Google Maps to create a real-time visualization of user download activity around the world. The site was so popular that website traffic peaked in excess of 4GB during downloads of the album.*

*That’s a lot of traffic. Trust us.

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Client Work. Lab Work. Nothing but the good stuff:

  • Project - Jakes - Secondary

    Supporting Back Yard Heroes Every Fourth of July. Everywhere.

    To help users in stores preview products before purchase, we developed a Back Yard Preview kiosk with updatable videos along with a toll-free help desk for staff.

    [ take a look ]

    Project - Jakes - Case Study 1Project - Jakes - Case Study 2Project - Jakes - Case Study 3


    Supporting Back Yard Heroes every Fourth of July. And beyond.