Present something amazing and managed by your team.

Present something amazing and managed by your team.

We’ve employed many platforms over time, but Drupal allows a degree of flexibility and customization for clients who couldn’t be farther apart in terms of their industry. Using best practices, developing the “Drupal way,” and extending Views development, we enable advanced workflows necessary for media and content organization, handling large scale media deployments, yet maintaining stability, security, and management.

For clients such as KCET, we migrated a vast quantity of data from an outdated system into a Drupal shared multi-site framework with innovative front-end template and style management, allowing internal teams to structure their own pages and manage hundreds of thousands of articles and media. The sites employ multiple levels of optimization, best practices, and accelerated delivery for high traffic content.

While working with NBC for many years, we were part of the original team that assisted NBC when migrating from an in-house MVC environment to a Drupal platform.

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    Helping Wizards on the Run.

    Wizards. Wands. Wish Lists. What started as a way to highlight the products of one of the most storied movie franchises in history grew into a deeper experience for fans.

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    We’ve been known to help a wizard or two.
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  • Project - Harry Potter - Secondary
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