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Voice Technology

Voice technology will soon become ubiquitous and a key part of the everyday lives of consumers. Our position is that in today's world, any marketing efforts which don't incorporate voice technology in some way are missing an opportunity to connect with people in the place that matters most: home.

It's there that becomes the anchor in places we gather, such as the living room or the kitchen, helping with recipes, or in living areas to play music and games with the family. Voice technology can even make our smart homes smarter.

The numbers back that up. By 2021 the number of consumers using voice assistants is projected to grow to 1.83 billion people.

Voice Services - Searches

When someone asks about your brand, what will voice say about it?

Today, voice search exceeds 10% of all search traffic. Virtual assistants exceed 50B voice searches per month. By 2020, over 200 billion searches per month will be done with voice.

Voice Services - Searches

Voice Services - by 2018

Voice Services - by 2021

How you can use voice in

your daily life.

Every device in your home and office is likely to gain the capability to be voice-activated. You can already get answers to your questions, fire up your music library, and control devices remotely with your voice.

Imagine your brand becoming interactive with your customers:

Voice Services - Conversation with Alexa

Voice Services - Conversation with Siri

(You should also check out the skill we built to showcase our Name Generation website right here.)

Script Concepts for all products and services
Build Iterative Development
Test Exacting QA process and user flows
Launch Automated product builds

We work with all the prominent leaders in voice technology, such as Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, Google Home powered by Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. From concept all the way through launch, we use best practices and knowledge boosted by hands-on training with industry leaders, we push the boundaries of voice services in everything we do.

Let us know how we can make voice work for you:

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    How to personalize Lisa Kudrow’s humor? Two words: Mobile Therapy App.
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